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WWE’s NXT Battleground Reportedly Heading To Las Vegas

In a groundbreaking move that underscores the evolving landscape of sports entertainment, WWE will reportedly bring its NXT Battleground event to The UFC APEX in Las Vegas on Sunday, 9 June. The move signals a potential integration of events between the two powerhouse organizations, with plans to explore synergies and capitalize on shared fanbases.

The Strategic Move Aims to Resolve Several Issues While the event is still scheduled for 26 May in Savannah, Georgia, reports from reliable MMA social media sources, including @PWInsider and @WrestleVotes, suggest a relocation to the UFC Apex events and production center near the South Point Hotel & Casino. Although WWE has yet to confirm the venue change, the organization’s underlying motivation has stirred speculation.

WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, typically garners a smaller audience than its main events. With Savannah’s Enmarket Arena boasting a capacity of 10,000, interest in this year’s NXT Battleground event has reportedly been tepid, with only around 2,000 tickets sold thus far. However, UFC Apex can only host up to 1,000 people, raising availability concerns.

Pushing the date back could also aim to avoid competition with AEW’s “Double or Nothing” event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, which will also be held on 26 May. The WWE likely aims to avoid splitting audiences by exploring alternative venues to maximize attendance and fan engagement.

WWE-UFC Collaborations Could Become More Frequent While choosing a UFC arena for a WWE event may seem strange, this decision makes practical sense, considering the two organizations merged under the TKO Group banner last year. Despite the strategic move, the WWE and UFC have remained separate, but this status quo may soon change as the organizations lean into their shared synergies.

In addition to NXT Battleground, WWE is reportedly considering relocating another NXT event, NXT Deadline, to the UFC Apex, further solidifying the collaboration between WWE and the UFC. Some former UFC fighters like Matt Riddle and Ronda Rousey have successfully transitioned to sports entertainment, retaining much of their fanbase, which indicates a potential for further integration.

As speculation mounts and plans unfold, wrestling fans await official confirmation from WWE regarding the venue change for NXT Battleground. In the event of high ticket demand in Las Vegas, WWE may need to navigate logistical challenges to accommodate wrestling enthusiasts eager to witness the action-packed event live or consider upgrading to a more spacious venue.

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