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Western Australia Wants To See Betting And Time Limits At Crown Perth

In a report by Asgam, the Royal Commission has deemed it appropriate to put forward for discussion a ream of proposals that would make Crown Perth more secure and less likely to commit offenses in the future.

Royal Commission Takes Good Look at EGMs Among those recommendations is a suggestion to put a mandatory AU$10 ($7) betting limit on electronic gaming machines (EGMs), as well as pre-set weekly loss and time limit, along with carded play for all machines. These are just some of the proposals pitched by the Royal Commission which is looking to make the property safer.

The case of Crown Resorts, which has been linked to junket operators, has served as a catalyst for much bigger changes in the industry. Crown Perth is currently undergoing an impendent review which will carry through September 2024 to find out if the property is suitable to hold a license.

Meanwhile, the government has said that the new proposals made about EGMs will in fact help strengthen the overall regulation of the gambling sector in the industry. EGMs are not readily available across Western Australia, nor is there any intention to make them available beyond Burswood.

Racing and Gaming Minister Reece Whitby reminded that Crown Perth was already found not fit to hold a license but remarked that it was now undergoing a remediation process which would decide if things can return back to normal. Either way, the state’s determined to hold very tight control over the industry and ensure that Crown Perth, which is the only casino in the state, is held to rigorous standards.

Gambling Industry Regulation Gets Tighter “Significant reforms have already been implemented and more are underway. This is the next step in addressing the Royal Commission’s findings and recommendations and it’s crucial we get this right,” the government said. Other states in Australia have also undertaken a similar move to investigate the operations of Crown Resorts and Star Group, finding the properties in each respective jurisdiction to be unsuitable for a license.

Lack of suitability does not mean the companies are going to lose control of operations as in all cases a special remediation period has been enacted. Compliance with government-led reforms though is mandatory for the remediation period to be deemed a success.