US Integrity Inks Betting Integrity Deal With Saracen Casino

US Integrity Inks Betting Integrity Deal With Saracen Casino

US Integrity, the leading sports wagering monitoring company, announced a new partnership with Saracen Casino Resort, the operator that currently offers the biggest sportsbook in Arkansas.

Saracen Casino Resort and US Integrity Ink New Deal The terms of the new deal announced Monday will see US Integrity provide its leading monitoring services to Saracen Casino Resort. As a result, the gambling operator will tap into US Integrity’s proprietary dashboard and leverage different analysis and monitoring services, boosting its sports betting integrity efforts. Moreover, under the comprehensive partnership, US Integrity will help flag irregular betting partners, further strengthening the venue’s betting integrity.

“US Integrity is proud to partner with Saracen Resort Casino,“

Matthew Holt, CEO and co-founder at US Integrity Matthew Holt, US Integrity’s CEO and co-founder, revealed that the company is excited to join forces with Saracen Resort Casino. He explained that an ultimate goal for US Integrity is to provide best-in-class insights complemented by compliance solutions for its clients.

“Their commitment to instilling the highest integrity standards align with US Integrity’s initiative to ensure that sports wagering remains fair and safe,“

added Holt Holt added that the company is looking forward to collaborating with Saracen Casino Resort’s experienced team members. Last but not least, US Integrity’s boss acknowledged that the venue’s desire to ramp up sports integrity is in line with the company’s goal to ensure sports betting is a safe and fair activity for sports fans.

The Deal Will Strengthen Saracen Resort Casino’s Platform Saracen Casino Resort is famous as Arkansas’ first stand-alone casino. The venue is located in Pine Bluff, Saracen and it is owned by the Quapaw Nation. The venue offers 80,000 square feet of gaming space. The casino floor features 40 table games, as well as 1900 slot machines and Arkansas’ only poker room. In addition to casino entertainment, the resort offers multiple food and beverage outlets. Besides land-based gambling activities, the venue offers mobile sports betting via an app called BetSaracen.

“We are extremely excited to be working with US Integrity as we continue to strengthen the protection of our platform.“

Carlton Saffa, chief market officer of the Saracen Resort Casino Carlton Saffa, the Saracen Resort Casino’s chief market officer, revealed that Saracen Resort is delighted to ink the recent partnership with US integrity. He explained that the new collaboration will help the venue flag betting irregularities. Saffa said that thanks to the new deal, the Saracen Resort Casino will be able to immediately identify suspicious betting activities which in turn boosts the integrity and ensures a fair market for the sports fans.