OnAir Adds Lotus Speed Baccarat To Live Offering

OnAir Adds Lotus Speed Baccarat To Live Offering

The global innovator that offers live casino experiences for operators in regulated markets OnAir Entertainment has announced the launch of Lotus Speed Baccarat. The new game created by the studio founded in 2020 wishes to bring homage to one of the most beloved card games on the planet, with special emphasis on the game’s popularity record on the Asian continent. What does the new game have to offer? Let’s find out!

Swift Rounds, Live Predictions & Unlimited Players Speaking about the new release, the company’s commercial director Simon Field explained the degree to which the Asian culture has inspired them to generate the “fantastic studio environment” that enables customers to perfectly highlight their brands while creating a fully tailored experience that best matches the preferences of their local audiences. Field added that the company was “delighted” to add the new game to its growing portfolio while expressing its confidence in the game’s ability to turn into “another hit product.”

Lotus Speed Baccarat is described as a “soothing and elegant card game” with quick rounds meant to create a more exciting gameplay and atmosphere at the tables. The scalable game allows operators to fully customize the game to cater to the wants and expectations of domestic players in all markets where the game will be available.

Hosted by a game presenter, the game does not limit the number of players that can engage in the game at the same time. Operators can take advantage of the digital branding options in order to offer players the tailored experience they deserve. Offering configurable limits and side bets along with highlighted winning bets, the game invites interested players to predict whether the Banker or the Player could reach the highest score at the end of every new round. Packed with player and banker statistics, live game predictions, as well as percentages on Player/Banker bets offered in real-time, Lotus Speed Baccarat is expected to add plenty of excitement and charm to the already popular game.

Constantly on the Move The fresh release joins other games launched by OnAir Entertainment in celebration of their one-year anniversary in November. The list of releases included titles like 9 Pots of Gold, Auto Roulette, Card Matchup, and Eclipse Blackjack, along with a series of customizable table environments destined to reach the Netherlands and Denmark.

The company which is incorporated in Malta has also announced its plans to launch a number of studios in countries like Spain, Georgia, and Romania, while also working on its plan to expand its foothold in the US sometime next year. OnAir Entertainment’s network has received certifications in important regulated gaming markets worldwide. The list currently includes the UK, the Netherlands, Greece, the Isle of Man, Latvia, Denmark, Malta, Sweden, and Ontario here.