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Odds On Compliance Teams Up With SharpRank To Revolutionize Betting

Odds On Compliance (OOC), a leading gambling tech and regulatory consultancy firm, has formed a partnership with SharpRank, a best-in-class evaluator of sports betting content and advertising.

Under the newly-minted agreement, the two firms will work together to provide their operator clients with streamlined and efficient access to compliance, audit, monitoring and more. OOC’s new gambling compliance database PlaybookAI will integrate SharpRank’s audit reports and ongoing monitoring, increasing its efficiency.

Thanks to SharpRank, OOC’s clients will be able to use real-time and ongoing oversight of regulatory movements.

PlaybookAI is an important new tool that helps gambling companies navigate the complex regulatory landscape. SharpRank’s solutions will be a valuable addition, especially when it comes to sports betting and advertising – the categories the evaluator excels at.

Speaking of Playbook, OOC recently launched the product in Europe.

The current agreement reflects both parties’ desire to offer reliable cutting-edge solutions that address gambling operators’ regulatory needs. The two companies promised to revolutionize the industry through multiple innovations and unmatched new client experiences, while maintaining their unwavering dedication to excellence.

Both OOC and SharpRank are excited to see where this partnership will take them.

The two have natural synergies thanks to their commitment to a consumer-first approach. As a result, OOC and SharpRank are happy about the opportunity to work together and drive innovation.

Chris Adams, SharpRank’s chief executive officer, said that the two parties’ core values are fundamentally aligned. The next step, according to him, is to leverage this synergy to optimize efficiencies for clients and gambling stakeholders.

Adams added that his team acknowledges the absolute importance of protecting the consumers, which is yet another value Odds On Complies shares.

Our partnership is firmly rooted in the mission to deliver exceptional value to our clients and contribute positively to the entire industry.

Chris Adams, CEO, SharpRank Eric Frank, co-founder and CEO of Odds On Compliance, also commented on the matter. He shared his team’s delight about partnering with SharpRank and added that the new alliance will pair sophisticated technology with advanced analytics to “raise the bar” in the sports betting sector.

Together, we will deliver unparalleled insights, accuracy, and value to our clients, enabling them to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Eric Frank, co-founder & CEO, Odds On Compliance In March, Odds On Compliance launched its Marketing Affiliate Licensing Portal to help affiliates looking to make a foray into the USA.