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NPi To Migrate Virginia Lottery’s ILottery Program To The Cloud

NeoPollard Interactive (NPi), the joint venture of Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)-listed Pollard Banknote Limited and Nasdaq-listed NeoGames S.A., announced that its operator partner, the Virginia Lottery, has become the first US lottery to operate an iLottery program completely based in the cloud.

The Cloud Solution Allows Better Service The milestone industry achievement reached by the Virginia Lottery serves as a display of NeoPollard’s continuous commitment to enhancing its technology capabilities and meeting the evolving demands of its lottery partners and their players. NeoPollard is the first vendor in the iLottery space to operate its solution in the cloud.

Doug Pollard, co-chief executive officer of NPi, outlined the trust placed in NPi by the Virginia Lottery that allowed the completely cloud-based iLottery solution to be delivered, mindful of the business need “to continually refine” its offerings concurrent with emerging new trends in technology.

Delivering our iLottery solution through the cloud will enable us to better serve the Virginia Lottery and other iLottery programs that are powered by NPi.

Doug Pollard, co-CEO, NPi Moti Malul, co-chief executive officer of NPi, pointed to the growth in traffic online due to “record-breaking jackpots over the last few years” as the main driver for iLottery programs to start looking for solutions that will enable them “to effectively respond to player purchase demand,” including solutions operating in the cloud.

By harnessing the enhanced capabilities that only cloud hosting provides, we can better support the growth of our lottery clients as they strive to meet and exceed player expectations.

Moti Malul, co-CEO, NPi NPi’s cloud-based solutions include NeoDraw, the Central Gaming System (CGS) for draw games, NeoSphere, the player account management (PAM) and marketing system, and NeoPlay, the eInstant Remote Gaming Server (RGS) and the games hosted on it.

Migration to the Cloud Offers Scalability Kelly T. Gee, executive director of the Virginia Lottery, outlined the lottery’s commitment “to providing a best-in-class experience” to its players, convinced of the benefits the cloud-based solution offered by NPi would bring to the lottery.

“Enhancing the scalability of our iLottery platform through the use of cloud technology demonstrates to our players that we place a priority on a seamless and reliable iLottery experience, all of which ultimately supports our mission to raise revenue for our public schools,” Gee commented.

The migration to cloud hosting will bring efficiencies related to the operation and maintenance of the Virginia Lottery’s iLottery program, allowing the lottery to instantly scale and accommodate large jackpot runs and volumes of promotions and campaigns.

With profits allocated solely for K-12 public education in the commonwealth since 1999, the Virginia Lottery has contributed more than $11 billion, as part of its commitment to giving back.

Earlier in the year, the parent companies behind the NPi joint venture signed a new operating agreement and amended the previous one to allow both partners to pursue future North American digital lottery opportunities in partnership, or independently.