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Massive Police Operation Mobilizes 400 Officers In Montreal

The gambling industry is often targeted by different crimes, including robberies, fraud and money laundering. While the sector continuously invests in prevention, such crimes are not uncommon. This is the case for regulated gambling operators who can become victims, while in the illegal industry, anything goes. With that in mind, law enforcement, especially across North America, remains dedicated to combating illegal gambling and gambling-related crimes.

In one such operation, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested more than a dozen individuals, allegedly involved in unlawful activities earlier this week. Close to 400 law enforcement officers participated in the operation. Along with police, the massive raids were joined by ER teams from British Columbia, New Brunswick and Ontario.

Law Enforcement Conducts Raids, Arrests Suspects The operation involved raids and searches on different businesses across Montreal believed to be related to criminal activities, including money laundering, illegal gambling and trafficking of drugs such as cocaine. The massive police operation, dubbed “Chrome,” saw law enforcement enter and search 20 different premises across Montreal. Raids were conducted at four businesses, 16 private residences and a couple of cars, La Presse Canadienne reported.

According to RCMP’s spokesperson, Corporal Erique Gasse, the operation targets an alleged major organized crime group in Montreal. In light of the operation, law enforcement conducted searches in an attempt to find evidence against the aforementioned organized crime group.

It is currently unclear whether the massive operation came after surveillance or other probes that led to the mobilization of hundreds of police officers. Besides law enforcement, the operation was joined by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit as well as the Canada Revenue Agency.

“The RCMP is conducting a major operation today targeting a suspected Montréal criminal organization. Nearly 400 police officers are assisting in a series of searches as part of an investigation by the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, in collaboration with Integrated Proceeds of Crime and the Canada Revenue Agency,“

reads a statement released by the RCMP The massive operation resulted in the arrest of 13 people, who are suspected of being involved in criminal activities. The RCMP did not confirm what charges the suspects may be facing or how they were allegedly involved in the unlawful activities. An investigation is ongoing with law enforcement still collecting evidence and searching for leads that can help in raising charges against the detainees.

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