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Lithuanian Gambling Watchdog Issues Fines Against Two Operators

The gambling watchdog said Tuesday it imposed fines against Amber Gaming, as well as Top Sport. The duo, according to the regulator, breached Lithuania’s gambling regulations by contacting their customers via email and encouraged them to gamble. This, according to Lithuania’s Gambling Supervisory Authority is in breach of Article 10, Paragraph 19 of the country’s Gambling Act.

Further details released by the regulator revealed that upon investigating, it uncovered that Amber Gaming, engaged with its customers via two e-mails sent between June and August 2022. In the e-mails, the operator included a reminder about the creation of a password along with links t its website.

This, according to the gambling watchdog, “drew the attention of the customers who received the letter to the company and its services and encouraged them to visit the Company’s website.” As a result, the Lithuanian Gambling Supervisory Authority imposed a fine of €6,000 ($6,400) against Amber Gaming.

On the other hand, a probe into Top Sport’s operations also uncovered a breach, revealed the regulator. The Authority said that the operator engaged with its clients by sending e-mails on August 31, 2022, that included links for a download of the operator’s mobile app within Apple and Google stores.

The e-mail communication, explained the Authority, encouraged the customers to gamble by inviting them to install the company’s sports betting app and use its services. Consequently, the regulator acknowledged that such communications are in breach of the Gambling Act and imposed a €25,000 ($26,800) fine against Top Sport.

According to the regulator’s latest announcement, the monetary penalty is not final and the operators can appeal via an established procedure under the Law on Administrative Cases in the country.

The latest fine against Top Sport isn’t the first one the operator has seen. Only recently, the operator was slammed with a €15,000 ($16,000) fine, again from the Gambling Supervisory Authority in Lithuania. Late last year, the Authority uncovered that the operator permitted one person that is not currently within the territory of the country to use its online platform. Deeming the activity as a breach of the gambling regulations, the Authority issued the aforementioned fine.