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Ladbrokes Celebrates Soccer With A New Ad Campaign

Leading sportsbook Ladbrokes has launched its new “Bring Your Wave” campaign, evoking the Mexican Wave, one of soccer’s most iconic fan celebrations. With the European Championships and the 2024/25 Soccer Season just around the corner, the operator hopes to stoke fan excitement and give users new and engaging ways to support their favorite teams.

The “Bring Your Wave” campaign is a comprehensive media initiative that includes a high-production online film, a large-scale TV advertisement, and an extensive Out of Home (OOH) campaign. The campaign captures the energy of the Mexican Wave as an expression of passion- a spontaneous, synchronized display of enthusiasm that spreads across stadiums and now throughout an entire city.

The campaign’s flagship film starts with a shopper in an electronics store, captivated by a soccer player celebrating a goal on a TV screen by throwing his arms up in the air. This action triggers a domino effect as people on multiple TV screens join in, creating a seamless wave of raised arms.

The excitement leaps off the screens as the wave spills onto the street, catching fire and spreading through various scenes, including an auction room, a judo class, and a garden. It culminates with a man tying his shoelaces as the wave ripples through a crowd of soccer fans heading towards a stadium entrance before climaxing with the roar of a stadium crowd.

Ladbrokes Remains Committed to Empowering Fans Created by the innovative minds at the creative agency Neverland, this campaign marks the latest chapter in Ladbrokes’ “We Play Together” series. Neverland joint executive creative director Rich McGrann noted that the newest online film celebrated the collective joy that soccer brings fans by evoking a familiar picture that every viewer can relate to.

This time, we’re excited to bring the world together around the Euros with a huge Mexican wave.

Rich McGrann, Neverland joint executive creative director The movie coincides with a media campaign planned and executed by the7stars, which aims to reach soccer fans across various platforms, including TV, video-on-demand, and OOH, ensuring enhanced visibility. Ladbrokes’ Anna Kochanska was optimistic that the operator’s efforts would resonate with users and lead to lasting engagement.

Bring Your Wave is a rallying cry that will reverberate with football fans across the country. Our campaign celebrates their passion, elation, and energy.

Anna Kochanska, Ladbrokes marketing director As the European Championships and the new soccer season approach, Ladbrokes’ “Bring Your Wave” campaign connects with fans’ core emotions. By featuring the Mexican Wave, a universal emblem of communal celebration, the operator demonstrates its commitment to creating engaging, inclusive user experiences, highlighting the unity and enthusiasm of soccer fans.

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