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Koin And Marker Trax Onboard Mark D. Hemmerle As Chief Legal Officer

Pioneering cashless payment innovators Koin and Marker Trax have appointed veteran legal counsel Mark D. Hemmerle as their new Chief Legal Officer. Hemmerle’s extensive executive experience marks a strategic move for both companies in furthering their market presence as they aim to expand their presence in new markets while retaining their trademark reliability and forward-thinking approach.

The Two Companies Strive for Enduring Success Koin and Marker Trax are helmed by CEO Gary Ellis and offer innovative payment services primarily targeting the gambling sector. Koin boasts an extensive digital payments ecosystem, simplifying payment and cash-out activities. Meanwhile, Marker Trax introduces a cashless, regulatory-compliant casino marker technology, aiming to streamline issuing advances as it empowers casinos with efficient credit underwriting and repayments.

Hemmerle’s expertise at the intersection of emerging technologies and compliance aligns seamlessly with the companies’ dedication to revolutionizing cashless payments. His addition to the leadership promises to guide Koin and Marker Trax as they spearhead advancements in the gaming industry, particularly in deploying their B2C brand Moolah Play, and advancing cashless casino credit solutions.

Mark’s unique combination of gaming expertise and legal acumen makes him a key figure in guiding our company through this phase of exceptional growth.

Charlie Skinner, Marker Trax President Koin and Marker Trax experienced substantial expansion in 2023, penetrating new markets like Philadelphia and Northern Nevada with their cashless credit and digital wallet solutions. The July partnership with Graton Casino & Resort highlighted the success of Marker Trax’s product as a sound way to ensure growth and sustainability within the gaming industry.

Hemmerle Is Well-Versed in Solving Compliance Challenges Before joining Koin and Marker Trax, Hemmerle was the VP of Gaming and compliance Counsel at Shift4 Payments, another leader in commerce-enabling technology. He also boasts significant expertise within the gambling sector, working for high-profile casinos and providing consulting services. Hemmerle’s understanding of the industry makes him an invaluable addition as Koin and Marker Trax seek to partner with leading operators.

A June collaboration between Koin and prominent casino management technology company Table Trac demonstrated the necessity for somebody of Hemmerle’s caliber as it significantly expanded the company’s reach. The US presents a very challenging landscape, as keeping up with shifting regulatory requirements in each state demands a particular set of talents that is hard to come by.

The strategic hiring of Hemmerle signals a seamless transition into 2024, ensuring operational efficiency and sustained growth as Koin and Marker Trax seek to maintain momentum and secure new partnerships. His addition will foster continued innovation, marking a significant stride toward revolutionizing cashless payments in the gaming industry.

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