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Fagioli Is Back On Juventus’ Roster Following Suspension

Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli will return to competing following the conclusion of his seven-month suspension. The player was involved in the recent soccer betting scandal and admitted to placing wagers on illegal gambling websites.

Fagioli’s transgressions emerged in September 2023. The player decided to come clean and admitted to placing bets on soccer, despite being prohibited to engage in soccer wagering. As a result, the midfielder was banned for 12 months, although he was only suspended from competing for 7 months.

The investigation was publicly announced in October when a number of other players also received various penalties. Paolo Jarre, the doctor responsible for the soccer player’s gambling treatment at the time, said that the scheme likely involved many players. On the topic, Jarre described Fagioli as a polite and subdued man who still has a career ahead of himself.

The 22-year-old athlete has once again been included in Juventus’ official roster, as announced by the team. He is set to appear in Juventus’ upcoming game against Bologna.

Tonali Is Also Set to Return to Competing As mentioned, Fagioli was not the only player involved in the scandal. Sandro Tonali, now serving as a midfielder for Newcastle United, was banned for 10 months by the Italian soccer federation because of his gambling. His bets were placed during his time as an AC Milan player prior to joining Newcastle. Just like Fagioli, Tonali was cooperative with the investigation, sparking faith in his recovery.

However, Tonali was recently slapped with new gambling allegations by the English Football Association, adding to his woes. However, the association likewise noted his cooperation with the investigation. As a result, he received a 10-month suspended ban that would only come into effect if he committed another breach.

Tonali should return to competing at the start of the next soccer season.

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