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Crucial Compliance Confirms Restructuring Of Product Range

Crucial Compliance is a leading provider of compliance solutions, powering the operations of gambling companies across the globe. The company leverages innovative proprietary technology and provides a wide range of compliance-related services. Ultimately, Crucial Compliance allows companies to scale up their operations while meeting compliance standards within different jurisdictions.

Recently, the company confirmed an important restructuring that involved changes to its leadership along with a review of its existing services and portfolio of products. This restructuring helped streamline Crucial Compliance’s offering, ensuring that the company continues to provide services efficiently for its growing number of partners.

Besides the restructuring, Crucial Compliance confirmed that Crucial Player Protection (CPP), its innovative product, was divided into separate modules that seek to match the requirements of different businesses depending on their size. With this move, the company seeks to provide services and solutions that fit the needs of different operators, regardless of their size. “This approach will address their specific problems and challenges, leading to faster delivery and more cost-effective services which drives sustainable player value,” explained the company in a statement.

The Company Rolls Out Products That Meet the Needs of Different Operators The strategic breakdown of CPP resulted in the introduction of the company’s first product that focuses on responsible gambling as well as player protection, Crucial RG.

Additionally, Crucial Compliance confirmed that it grew the reach of its Crucial AML product. This enabled the product to grow on an international level, powering retail and online operators.

While the company’s core product, CPP, will continue to power the operations of large-scale companies, Crucial Compliance confirmed the release of a new product version that caters to the needs of “small to mid-tier” operators, CPP Lite. According to the company, the new CPP Lite version of its product represents a solution that is more cost-efficient.

On the other hand, the full version of the solution which now features modular options, CPP Complete, can also be accessed by operators.

Another important announcement confirmed by Crucial Compliance involves the software as a service (SaaS) version of its products. This, according to the leading software supplier, enables rapid distribution and fast implementation of its products for operators.

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