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Clark County Reaches Vital Milestone On 1 October Memorial Project

The Clark County Commission has taken a significant step forward in its 1 October Memorial project by designating the non-profit Vegas Strong Fund to oversee fundraising, design, and construction. This decision follows a comprehensive effort by the 1 October Committee, which concluded last summer after gathering extensive input from victims’ families, survivors, and the broader community.

Every Detail Requires Careful Consideration The memorial project aims to commemorate the tragic events of 1 October 2017, during the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip. Fifty-eight people lost their lives during the shooting, with hundreds more injured before the perpetrator took his own life. While this tragedy left a lasting scar, it will hopefully unite the local community in reverence to the victims.

August 2021 saw MGM donate two acres for a permanent memorial, launching the ongoing project by the Clark County Commission. A survey collected information regarding the artistic and educational features of the permanent memorial, ensuring it would accurately reflect the community’s views and sentiments. The Vegas Strong Fund can now use this information to plan the construction’s finer details.

The Vegas Strong Fund organization has the expertise and dedication to ensure the memorial we create will be a lasting tribute.

Kevin Schiller, county manager of Clark County County manager Kevin Schiller emphasized the significance of this milestone in a process that began in 2019 with the formation of the 1 October Memorial Committee. The project seeks to honor the memory of the victims, pay tribute to the survivors and first responders, and celebrate the resilience and compassion of the Las Vegas community.

The Memorial Project Is in Safe Hands As part of the Commission’s decision, donations totaling $143,986 from the County’s 1 October Memorial Fund will be transferred to the Vegas Strong Fund. This fund was established at the request of the 1 October Committee to accommodate public donations for the memorial and should help launch the project in earnest.

The memorial project will expand upon the concept developed by JCJ Architecture, which features a tower of light, 58 vertical candles representing the victims, and a community plaza. Commissioner Jim Gibson, whose district includes the festival site, expressed confidence in the Vegas Strong Fund’s ability to deliver a world-class memorial while respecting the community’s wishes.

The Vegas Strong Fund is the right non-profit group to help us create a world-class memorial that honors all those affected by the events of 1 October.

Clark County Commissioner Jim Gibson With the project set in motion, construction should begin soon. This designation of the Vegas Strong Fund marks a significant milestone in the journey toward creating a memorial that honors the memory of those lost, recognizes the bravery of survivors and first responders, and symbolizes the unity and strength of the Las Vegas community.

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