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Buzz Bingo And Stroke Association Help Survivors With Second Chance At Life

The Stroke Association in the UK, an organization that provides support, conducts research and organizes campaigns to help people affected by stroke, announced a new partnership with one the most popular UK bingo operators, Buzz Bingo.

The Stroke Association Teams up with Buzz Bingo Details of the new collaboration emerged Wednesday and see the duo join forces for a three-year partnership. Joining forces, the Stroke Association and Buzz Bingo will seek to help stroke survivors fight against loneliness and isolation.

Celebrating the start of the new collaboration, the duo organized an event that took place on Tuesday this week at Buzz Bingo, Stratford, London. The event gathered members of the public and welcomed stroke survivors to enjoy an evening with bingo games, music and prizes.

The Collaboration Will Bring Support to Stroke Survivors Coinciding with the announcement of the new partnership, the duo released details regarding a new joint survey. The white paper revealed that there are currently 1.3 million stroke survivors in the UK and every year, there are approximately 100,000 strokes.

The study recorded the responses of 381 stroke survivors and found that over a third of them or 40%, would like to socialize more since their stroke. However, the survey uncovered that more than half or 52% of the survivors have lost confidence due to their stroke, while 32% admitted to experiencing personality changes. Of the stroke survivors, 23% admitted to feeling lonely or isolated, while one in four, or 26% admitted to struggling with their mental health. On the other hand, losing their hobby or spending less time on hobbies left 29% of stroke survivors feeling a loss of confidence.

Without any doubt, Buzz Bingo’s collaboration with the Stroke Association will help many stroke survivors. Ultimately, the goal of the new collaboration is to help those survivors socialize more. This will be achieved via fundraising initiatives which will bring invaluable support to stroke survivors.

Buzz Bingo Is Delighted to Support the Stroke Association Mark Fletcher, Buzz Bingo’s head of brand communications, said that the company is excited to join forces and support the Stroke Association to help tackle loneliness and isolation for stroke survivors. He acknowledged that the socialization after a stroke can be challenging but reassured that Buzz Bingo clubs can “offer a welcoming, friendly and accessible environment for stroke survivors to take that first step to feeling part of a community, regaining confidence and helping rebuild their lives.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with the Stroke Association and to help raise awareness of the isolation and loneliness many stroke survivors experience.“

Mark Fletcher, head of brand communications at Buzz Bingo Fletcher pointed out that Buzz Bingo seeks to raise some £200,000 ($244,600) for the Stroke Association in the next three years by organizing different initiatives like the one that marked the start of the collaboration. He revealed that the collaboration is expected to deliver volunteering opportunities that will help train Buzz Bingo’s employees to better understand the impacts of stroke.