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BGC’s Levy Payments To HBLB Increase For The Third Year In A Row

Britain’s Betting and Gaming Council announced that its members are expected to contribute a record £105 million ($133.6 million) in levy payments to the Horserace Betting Levy Board (HBLB) for last year. This figure would mark an increase of £5 million and is notably the third consecutive year of year-on-year increase.

For context, the BGC’s levy contributions for 2021/22 and 2022/23 were £97 million and £100 million respectively. According to the HBLB, this year’s total of £105 million is “derived from the receipt of provisional end of year submissions from most levy-paying bookmakers.”

Thanks to this increase in funding in 2023/24, the HBLB announced an increase of £3.2 million to £70.5 million in its prize money contribution for 2024. For comparison, the board’s prize money contribution for 2023 stood at £67.3 million.

Michael Dugher, the BGC chief executive officer said that this record contribution is “extremely welcome news.” He said that the figure highlights the “enduring, mission-critical support” that the gambling industry provides to the betting sector.

The Horseracing Sector Has Been on a Decline Despite being the second biggest spectator sport in the UK, horseracing has been in decline since 2007. Whereas 17% of the population enjoyed wagering on racing that year, only 10% did so in 2018. Racecourse attendance, on the other hand, has declined 14% since 2019.

The BGC, however, remains bullish on revitalizing the sector. Dugher said that there is still hope, despite the double-digit decline in horserace betting turnover over the past years. He expressed confidence that the increase in contributions will be a boon to horseracing. Dugher also pointed out that betting remains the lifeline of the racing sector.

Dugher added that the BGC members remain committed to the sector’s success. He praised horseracing’s contribution to rural economies and said that the BGC hopes that the sector will be able to reverse its decline.

Attention must now turn to how we challenge vested interests, introduce real change and reform the sport, ensuring we reverse the current decline and provide racing with a genuinely long-term sustainable future.

Michael Dugher, CEO & chair, BGC The BGC Is Committed to Supporting the Racing Sector In an effort to protect the sector, the BGC made serious efforts to reduce the negative impact of the government’s ongoing gambling reforms. To that end, the BGC recently introduced a new voluntary industry Code on Customer Checks in hopes of raising standards without infringing on customers’ privacy.

The code was developed in collaboration with the UKGC and was backed by the government. As announced earlier, the Code will operate as a voluntary interim scheme until the government is able to test and implement the controversial affordability checks outlined in the white paper.

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