BETEGY Appoints Phil McIntyre As EVP For North American Sales

BETEGY Appoints Phil McIntyre As EVP For North American Sales

BETEGY, a leading marketing technology provider, has announced the appointment of Phil McIntyre as the company’s new EVP for North American sales. McIntyre, who is a veteran of the TV industry, comes at an important time for the company as BETEGY is looking to strengthen its presence in the NA gaming and broadcast industries.

McIntyre to Leverage His Vast Experience in BETEGY McIntyre comes from a seasoned executive-level background, having previously served at Nexstar Digital as SVP and business development consultant. He also worked at SmithGeiger in the same position. His experience though is very relevant to what BETEGY tries to achieve as well, as McIntyre has served with Sony Entertainment, Bloomberg Television, ESPN, Sinclair, CNN, and others, helping these brands and companies push their name and reputation.

The company was recently backed by another funding round by Yolo Investments, which showcases BETEGY’s potential and added value to the iGaming industry. BETEGY is right now planning to sign a number of important broadcast and gaming industry deals in the coming months which will be accompanied by a dedicated hiring push to bring more talent that understands the betting and media verticals.

In the new position, McIntyre will focus on strengthening the ties that bring together BETEGY with the entertainment sectors in the United States and Canada. BETEGY CEO Alex Kornilov welcomed the opportunity of such a heavyweight joining the team. He spared the man no praise:

His unique expertise helped companies leverage research and data for both brand development and visual optimization across digital, mobile, social, multi-screen, ecommerce and even the world of VR.

BETEGY CEO Alex Kornilov Kornilov confirmed that Betegy is fully committed to disrupting the industry and helping major brands capitalize on his company’s technology to drive even stronger results and success. McIntyre also commented on his appointment and welcomed the opportunity to be part of the team.

McIntyre Is Confident in the Future of the Collaboration He called that BETEGY has realized strong results over the past years and that he was looking forward to the new challenges that may emerge as part of his new position within the company. McIntyre is confident that the company will overcome any and all challenges and help reach new milestones.

Yolo Investments, one of the most notable backers of disruptive iGaming companies, led a financial round to support BETEGY’s growth back in September. BETEGY remains a major disruptor in the way sports is experienced and an important backbone partner for companies that are looking to leverage technology to boost their sports betting reach.