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BETBY Adds Cricket To Bet Builder Solution

BETBY is adding Cricket to the list of available sports that are now featured on Bet Builder and will offer consumers and partner operators elevated experiences. Cricket’s popularity has been one of the factors why BETBY has decided to include this sport as a supported discipline.

Cricket Becomes Available Product at Bet Builder Bet Builder essentially allows players to come up with tailored and customized bets that boost their enjoyment from placing a wager and offer them far more immersive ways of enjoying sports betting.

BEBTY is confident that the solution has a particularly good impact on betting interest as well. Already, the company reports a 10% better commitment to soccer selections thanks to this outstanding opportunity.

Bet Builder allows players to make combination bets on the same events and even benefit from odds boosters for every leg added. Although this sounds a little over-ambitious on the part of BETBY, the company has been demonstrating the validity of the product.

Previously, BETBY added Ice Hockey and Basketball, and all sports and betting contests have been fair, owing to the significant commitment to risk management and trading tools used by the company to come up with competitive odds and offer outstanding services to partners. BETBY senior product owner Aglaja Geta said:

We are constantly striving to provide the best solutions and services for our players and the enhancement of our Bet Builder product is a testament to this.

BETBY senior product owner Aglaja Geta Build and Create Value-Added Cricket Wagers Geta said that the company is confident that it will continue to see sustained and mounting interest from players as the brand is actively looking to improve and innovate its sports betting and sportsbook products and provide consumers with an enhanced overall portfolio of content.

BETBY has been working to actively expand its footprint globally and introduce its full spectrum of products to partner operators. Earlier this year, the company confirmed that it is introducing esports products to Aposta Ganha and the company similarly strengthened Roobet’s sports betting offer.