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AGA Launches Free Training To Combat Human Trafficking

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has teamed up with RG24seven Virtual Training to launch an unprecedented online educational program. The first-of-its-kind training will teach gambling industry workers how to combat human trafficking free of charge.

The free education is presented by the AGA and industry experts. It uses videos and special quizzes to teach gambling industry employees everything they should about human trafficking identification and prevention.

The program is based on AGA’s existing Guide to Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking and leverages the expertise of the industry body’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, a number of charities and the US law enforcement.

According to the AGA, all gaming companies will be able to access the free training if they request organization-wide access to the training. To do so, executives should contact RG24seven via its official email, [email protected].

In addition to the training, the AGA also announced the release of an updated gaming-specific toolkit for combating human trafficking. Representatives of the association will also participate in anti-trafficking campaigns throughout the month, including events hosted by the University of Maryland’s SAFE Center and the US Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Countering Human Trafficking.

AGA representatives will also take part in a congressional briefing hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Alex Costello, AGA’s vice president of government relations, commented on the new program, highlighting the importance of combating human trafficking. She said that her team is glad to be able to provide employees with such crucial training for free.

The AGA is proud to lead the industry’s fight against this abhorrent crime and this free training empowers employees at all levels to spot and prevent cases of human trafficking.

Alex Costello, VP of government relations, American Gaming Association Wendy Anderson, RG24seven’s chief executive officer, also commented on the matter, saying that responsibility in the gambling industry extends beyond the promotion of safer gambling. According to her, true responsibility means “a commitment to all forms of customer and community safety.”

We’re honored to work with the AGA and advance the gaming industry’s efforts with the launch of today’s training.

Wendy Anderson, CEO, RG24seven Unveiled on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, the initiative mirrors the recent reiteration of Hard Rock’s commitment to fighting human trafficking. For reference, Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming just promised to continue working hard to set a new standard for anti-human trafficking training in the gaming industry.

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