888 Inks Media Partnership With Wavemaker For UK Brands

888 Inks Media Partnership With Wavemaker For UK Brands

The gambling industry giant, 888 Holdings, announced a new collaboration with the global media agency Wavemaker. The company joined forces with the media agency in what was lauded as a strategic partnership.

Per the terms of the new deal, 888 Holdings selected Wavemaker as the agency which will be in charge of its multi-million media planning for its UK brands Mr Green, as well as William Hill.

The new collaboration comes after an extensive and competitive selection process. Overall, it has taken seven months for 888 Holdings to select Wavemaker and approve it as the company that will lead the brands’ media strategy in the UK.

The New Collaboration Brings Excitement to Wavemaker Wavemaker explained in a statement that thanks to the new strategic deal, the company will continue to support the media strategy of the brands. Ultimately, those efforts are expected to help by bringing transformational growth opportunities and keeping 888’s brands at the helm of the market in the UK.

“We are thrilled to have retained William Hill and Mr Green, and won 888holdings as a client, following a seven-month competitive pitch process. A big shout out to the team behind this huge win – it wouldn’t be possible without your hard work, dedication and expertise,“

reads a statement released by Wavemaker The media company acknowledged the efforts of its team members that contributed to the process. Finally, Wavemaker thanked its members for the hard work, dedication and expertise that resulted in this strategic collaboration with 888.

Previously, Wavemaker and 72andSynny collaborated with William Hill back in 2019. Now, the new deal builds further that positive momentum and at the same time is expected to boost 888’s operations following the acquisition of William Hill.

The announcement about the strategic deal with 888 comes after only recently, Wavemaker announced the launch of its Media Essentials Certificate. Earlier this week, the company unveiled a brand-new training program that is exclusive for its clients and free. The initiative offers a 12-week course that teaches the participants to better understand how media and marketing works.